No two countries are the same

Entering the market in a new country with sophisticated products from the medical sector presents a huge challenge. The same applies to subsequent establishment on the market and positioning with customers. A precise knowledge of laws and regulations as well as a profound understanding of consumer behaviour are essential.

This is why we collaborate in each target country with proven specialists, to whom we entrust responsibility for our products. Depending on the local situation and the specific commercial conditions, these specialists can represent a wide range of professional expertise. But they can all count on one thing: expert, full support from Switzerland.

Be it South America or China, we ensure a uniform appearance and make sure that our products can be recognised immediately all over the world.

The world as a guest in Basel

Every new country we are privileged to supply with our products enriches our wealth of experience and our corporate culture. A meeting of all export partners at our headquarters in Itingen is an unforgettable experience that probably exists in this form in very few SMEs. Essentially, there is no better way to describe Schaer Pharma`s DNA than active across the globe, successful on several continents, yet still resolutely rooted in the Basel-Country.


Schaer Pharma Service GmbH
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Sonja Maurer

Schaer Pharma Service GmbH
Dellenbodenweg 8
4452 Itingen

Fax +41 (0)61 975 05 01
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