What is Schaer Pharma's corporate colour? Green. For good reason.

People’s health and an intact environment go hand in hand. Owing to extensive investments and operational measures, we can proudly state that Schaer Pharma is not merely CO2-neutral – we can now even boast a negative energy balance.

The key element of our strategy for more sustainability is a large solar installation on the roof of our company building. The performance data are publicly available on the Internet at all times. On average, the installation generates energy for 43 single-family homes. Furthermore, we have opted for an ecological pellet heating system and equipped our company headquarters with excellent insulation. As we work with regional partners whenever possible, we keep distances short and avoid unnecessary transport volume.

The sustainability issue is a wonderful example of what makes Schaer Pharma “tick”. For us, environmental awareness means more than a mere marketing measure to be imposed top-down. We owe our professional waste-disposal system to a duly trained employee, who designed and implemented a progressive concept for the entire company.

The topic of personal initiative does not stop at processes. The personal initiative and tireless efforts of one of our employees have led to us offering complete product ranges free of microplastics – to protect our waters, wildlife and consumer health.

Environmental awareness: far more than just a trend

Our commitment to greater sustainability and protection of the environment is by no means new. A practical refill service is available for many products in the Eduard Vogt skincare line. This was introduced way back in the 1970s, and we have continually developed it since then.

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