Gynofit® Cleansing Bar unperfumed

Gynofit soap is a nourishing intimate hygiene care without plastic and microplastics. This soap-free cleansing bar comes in recyclable packaging.

Gynofit® Cleansing Bar unperfumed
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Cleansing Bar
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Gynofit® Cleansing Bar unperfumed

Intimate hygiene with no soap or perfume

The skin in your intimate area is too sensitive to wash it with a conventional soap. Soaps may irritate the skin because they are alkaline and have a pH much higher than the natural pH of your skin. Gynofit Cleansing Bar is different from conventional soaps and has an ideal pH for your intimate area. Yoghurt extract and shea butter offer an extra level of care. Lactic acid supports your vaginal flora.


Taking a step towards a plastic-free bathroom

Gynofit Cleansing Bar is a nourishing intimate hygiene product with no plastics or microplastics. The soap-free Cleansing Bar comes in recyclable packaging.


The specially developed shape of the Cleansing Bar allows it to be conveniently hung up in your bathroom or shower. After use, simply hang up the Cleansing Bar or keep it in a soap dish or soap bag. The water will drip off and the Cleaning Bar will dry so it can be used for a long time to come.



Create a lather – apply – rinse off – done!


Key features at a glance:

  • Soap-free intimate hygiene
  • With lactic acid to support your vaginal flora
  • Contains yoghurt extract and shea butter
  • No plastics or microplastics
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Hanging strap made from ocean plastic
  • Goes in your hand luggage when flying

Do you want to protect the environment and find sustainable body care? It’s just right for you!


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