Alpenaflor arnica marigold gel

Medicinal product with arnica and marigold for the topical treatment of blunt injuries, among other things.

Alpenaflor arnica marigold gel
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110 g
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Alpenaflor arnica marigold gel

Arnica and marigold are well-known, established medicinal plants for topical treatment of inflammation and blunt, i.e. bloodless, injuries. Arnica has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the healing process.
The modern pharmaceutical gel form is used for the treatment of sprains, strains and contusions and for the symptomatic treatment of varicose veins and heavy legs. Provides relief from insect bites.

Available in pharmacies and chemists in tubes of 110 g.

This is an authorised medicinal product. Seek advice from a specialist and read the package leaflet.

Marketing authorisation holder: Tentan AG, 4452 Itingen, Switzerland

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