Bioxet Hair Growth Reducing Face Cream

Bioxet Hair Growth Reducing Face Cream for normal and dry skin.

Bioxet Hair Growth Reducing Face Cream
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50 ml
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Bioxet Hair Growth Reducing Face Cream

Softens and reduces unwanted facial hair.
Can be used on the face for normal and rather dry skin.
Purely herbal and natural ingredients. Even more effective thanks to improved formulation. New pleasant fragrance.


The special feature of BIOXET lies in the effective plant formulation, as well as the easy handling.

However, as with other methods, satisfactory success can only be achieved through correct and regular use. BIOXET intervenes in the nutritional cycle of the body hair by giving the hair cells a kind of diet.

Body hair with a low nutritional intake grows more slowly and becomes thinner. Furthermore, BIOXET’s formula provides the skin with daily protection. BIOXET stabilises the skin’s natural pH, improves moisture and makes the skin more supple. BIOXET’s users do not need any other skin care products. It is a 100% natural product and causes no side effects.

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