ahc dry balance deodorant, 50 ml

The ultra-skin-friendly deodorant.

ahc dry balance deodorant, 50 ml
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50 ml
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ahc dry balance deodorant, 50 ml

We use only high-quality ingredients in dry balance deodorant: tea-tree oil, farnesol, linalool, propylene glycol, usnea barbata and limonene.
The quality of the tea-tree oil is crucial: We use only pure tea-tree oil. Blended tea-tree oil, which accounts for around 80 % of the oil on the market, has a significantly weaker effect. Inferior quality tea-tree oil can even lead to irritation and allergies.

Instructions for use:
The dry balance deodorant is suitable for many parts of the body such as armpits, feet and hands. It prevents bacteria and fungi and is also suitable in combination with the products in the ahc range, for example for athlete’s foot. The deodorant has a slightly cooling effect and leaves a subtle, pleasant scent.

Gentle formula: no nanoparticles, no parabens, no triclosan, no perfumes.

With plant extracts
Refreshing and regenerating
Antiseptic and soothing
Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.

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